March Collaboration: Poetry

The CSM Creative Writing Club proudly presents its latest collaborative venture into the world of poetry.  We’ve gained some fabulous new members, and are proud to showcase their work here.

Each of these poems was written in the following order:

  • The first person creates a title and first line
  • The second writes a metaphor relating to the title and first line
  • The third includes personification
  • All proceeding lines are alternating writers continuing the poem.
  • The last person in the order finishes the poem

We hope you enjoy these pieces.  Feel free to let us know what you think in comments, and follow us for future updates!



Written By: Richard Sebastian-Coleman, Braden Egtvedt, Brody, J. West, Molly, Clara Levy, Richard, and Braden

Out of the mud come roots which then become the trunk

As if hit by Bunyan’s axe swings, the top becomes something new; alive

The tree smiled and breathed in the cool morning air

Stretching toward a sky it knows it can never reach.

It feels the fatigue of gravity and takes an alternate path:

Outward, outward!

And, Upward, upward!

For what is sky to the tree but home?

A sigh of relief, a stretch in the sun

The tree more content and happy than I can ever be

But as I see what a tree can have

Why can’t I have a sky for me?


Written By: Clara Levy, Braden Egtvedt, Richard Sebastian-Coleman, Brody, J. West, Molly, Clara, and Richard


He wasn’t so much a looker, but he was lovely.

Being near his heart was being near a small warm star

The heat of his personality welcomed you in, offered tea,

Like the scent of fresh baked cookies on a cold winter’s night,

His presence brought joy to the room.


His hands were soft electricity

His smile was a live wire.

A conductive yet lopsided grin

that somehow, magnetically lured you in


Oh! How he was lovely!

Because he was an exemplar of what love could be

Light without shadow, magnetic pull without rejection

He wasn’t a looker but that wasn’t the point.



Written By: Molly Baron, Clara Levy, Richard Sebastian-Coleman, Braden Egtvedt, Brody, J. West, Molly, Clara

Twisted metal coated the concrete

The concrete accepted the offering, though it inflicted pain

The body heaved as it was gutted, turning into a corpse, it felt it had a noble death

The metal and the glass and the brick felt the disturbance of a

Trumpet, playing for their funeral.


The song instilled a pain in me,

A cold reminder of my loss, while my eyes held back an ocean

Part of me has died – I have a hole where something was

I cannot hold myself up when what was once inside is gone.


And as the slow chew of the demolition crew works

the gnawing widens the hole to a cavern…


And then I pass. The sound drifts away.

I can no longer hear the ripping, the gutting, the pain

Until another day, until another day.


Spring Morning

Written By: Brody, Molly Baron, Clara Levy, Richard Sebastian-Coleman, Braden Egtvedt, J. West, Molly

crisp wind and a flower in the snow,

two skyscrapers bursting through dense , winter-white clouds

blood dripping from the feet of the black brick steps


This tiny point of chaos resonates and ripples through the sleeping  forest

Stirring from under its blanket the shoots, the stems, the tiny legs, the ruffling fur

Spring has come as the blanket melts away

Life stirs as colors do

Inspecting the newfound companions


the first time i’ve really felt at home, the first time i’ve belonged

it’s like the first time feeling the warm sun

But deep down, it is marred by my past – I know what I did.

Is there forgiveness in spring?

But as the radiance of sun warms my skin, it heals the winter beneath

and I know

I have been born anew.



Written By: Braden Egtvedt, Brody, Molly, Clara, Richard, Braden, J. West


The tree was the mother and the animals her children

tugging at her bark apron, as she reached up into the cupboard of sunlight to feed them

The mother loved her children, even when they could not understand

“Let me provide for you” she said, “let me be your life”


May my roots hold this ground for you,

May my leaves give you breath,

May there be shelter under my branches,

and may everything that walks and crawls on me call you friend


Let me comfort you when you get full

And let me help you when you are sick

I will be someone you can always look up to

Someone you can always count on


I’ll give you all that I can spare

What I have I will always share.



Names: J. West, Molly, Clara, Richard, Braden Egtvedt, Brody

Some people sip sunlight in honeyed glasses

Refractions of fluid dance into their welcoming mouths

It is as if they tease the person sipping


Tickle the throat and warm the gut

to let sunshine grow within the body

It nourishes that which is weak

And humbles those who are strong


It keeps everyone together

With hope and peace and sweetness

This is what makes good things great



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