Haiku Perspectives Part IV

Four haikus based on emotions.

12 Embarrassed

A quiet fading.

I’ll become the wallpaper.

That’s all I ask.

13 Awkward

“For sale: Wedding Dress,

size four, embroidered with pearls!!”

It’s never been worn.

14 Potential

Life’s a coffee shop.

You never know who’s going to

Stumble through that door.

15 Fault

Golden, gated bridges –

The ones you have set ablaze

By pure accident.



Haiku Perspectives Part III

Three haikus inspired by cooking.

9 Knife

Pitted cherries, raw
ruby red and injured, sliced
into halves sweetly.

10 To Taste

Sizzling olive oil
The scent of empty hunger
The hiss of the pan

11 Tang

Ginger makes a snap,
shocking, a little’s enough
to be a surprise.

Haiku Perspectives, Part II

5 Afternoon

A fresh pot of tea

The crumbling of a hot scone

Sun through the windows

6 Nostalgia

Nose against his shirt-

Coffee and spearmint

Transmit memory.

7 Next

In the scorching sun,

We climb another mountain

Another challenge.

8 Stretch

Hands stretch toward the sun

Sand sinks in between my toes

I hold up the sky.