Dialog Challenge

The CSM creative writing club is proud to present our dialog challenge.  The prompt for this challenge is as follows:

“Create two characters and have them meet and discuss a topic. The topic can be anything you want: philosophical, political, advice, hypothetical, etc., just so long as they are discussing something. If you have the time and/or will, try to bleed in character development/definition or teach us about who they are.”

We hope that you  enjoy these pieces!

The Cabin

By: Richard Sebastian-Coleman

Scene opens to two friends in the main room of a small mountain cabin, there is a large fireplace, a nearby couch and chair, and a small dining room table. A window above the sink looks out into the mountains. 2 is trying to get a fire going while 1 looks at him from a nearby chair.


1: (exasperated, he’s evidently been watching for a while) You don’t know what you’re doing! Here, let me get the fire started.

2: I know what I’m doing just fine, it’s just that the wood is wet so it’s creating a lot of smoke

1: The wood’s fine you’ve just got blow air on it for a while and not stack the logs so tight that it can’t get oxygen. (1 comes over to fiddle with the fire, to no success)

2: Oh now look who’s so smart. You pushed the wood apart and it lost all the heat!

1: Fine I’ll push them a little closer, look it’s coming back, just blow on it with me.

2: (Laughing) If that’s what you’re into.

1: Shut up you know what I mean, just get down here on your knees and when I breathe in you breath out, we’ll keep a continuous stream going.

2: You’re not helping yourself

1: I’m not the one who needs helping! You’re the one who crashed the car in a cabin without a telephone during a snowstorm.


Both stand to face each other, ignoring the fire. Their argument becomes more heated as the sound of wind outside becomes greater.


2: You were the one who reserved a cabin in the middle of nowhere that didn’t have heating in the middle of winter!

1: Yeah because we both thought it would be fun! A nice peaceful getaway in the mountains.

2: (mocking) Oh now you make it sound like we’re in love.

1: Look I’m sorry your girlfriend decided to dump you and couldn’t come with, work through that on your own time, don’t take it out on me and the fire.

2: (Moving towards him aggressively) Listen you…


Suddenly the wind roars outside ceasing the fighting temporarily, it’s pitch begins to rise steadily until it’s bloodcurdling and almost human. It lasts for several seconds but it’s eeriness makes it seem to last an eternity.


1: (Slowly) What… the hell… was that

2: (rationalizing) Must have just been the sound wind makes when it comes through the pass

1: No…mountains don’t make noises like that

2: Well…nothing else could’ve made it except for the mountains

1: We know something that’s supposed to..

2: Dude, no, we get one wind blast in the middle of the snow storm and now you’re psyching yourself out about witches and demons!

1: Shhh…shhh…I don’t want to bring down any curses, they say just talking about her draws her to you

2: Oh really? Who’s they? Everyone who’s come up here, camps, and makes it back just fine to tell ghost stories to scare little kids?

1: (Angered, in defending himself he forgets his previous advice to not talk about her)  No, I’m talking about the hunters who find deer hoofs and bear claws in their traps but the rest of the body torn away, because she kills what cannot escape.


The wind roars again and starts to climb in pitch but then settles down


2: You see, clearly we were just imagining, it’s nothing but the wind coming through the pass.
Thunder crack and the apartment illuminates for a second from the lightning, a pause as it becomes dark again, then a soft green pulse of light from outside. 1 and 2 turn their heads to the window, the green light pulses again, they begin to cautiously walk towards the window. Unnoticed by either, the fire begins to grow rapidly in the fireplace.


By: Grant DeShazer

The shop door swung shut behind him with a hiss of hydraulics and jingle from the door bell.  In all likelihood Roman would be the only one who would actually use the door today.  Afterall his clientele tended to consider doors as more of an annoyance rather than a proper form of entry.  The last client he had worked with still gave him nightmares.

The first thing to do today was to layout the contract and then get together the things he needed to make it a binding contract.  After that was finished he would go through the steps of projecting himself beyond this realm, it was only then that his new potential client would actually be able to show up, at least for this first time meeting.

Once the steps were finished he sat down on a plush couch, contract laid on the table before him and a simple tape recorder, well it looked like a tape recorder but its function was far more involved.

In a clear voice he said, “I close my eyes and open my mind to the other.  Come to me, friend of mine, spirit of the realm beyond–”

“Stop that!  I am already here.  Idiot.”

Roman’s eyes snapped open, sure enough she sat right across from him, plain as day.  “How did you get here already?”

“You haven’t figured it out yet?  I’ve always been here, just been waiting for you to be strong enough to contact me.  I have so many things I want to tell you.”

“I could have guessed that from the last time we talked.”

Illia chuckled, “So what is it you wanted to talk about today?  You made some serious preparations by the looks of it.  How did you learn all of this anyways?”

“That’s not really important, what matters is, if you want your story told, I need you to read and sign this contract.”

Illia smiled mischievously, “But I already did?  Can we get onto talking about me now?”

“Wha–” Roman hastily flipped through the pages of the contract, to his surprise her signatures had appeared everywhere “–but how?”

“Like I said, I have some interesting things to tell you.  Why waste time over some silly piece of paper like that?”

“What do you mean silly?  You realize this is binding right?”

She shrugged and put out her hand, “Let me see it really quick.”

Roman begrudgingly handed over the contract, feeling more than a bit skeptical that she really know what binding meant.  She paged through it momentarily before tossing it aside onto the floor where it promptly burst into flames.

All he could do was stare in shock at the burning papers.  In a few seconds the fire went out, leaving not even a trace of smoke in the air, or a mark on the floor.  He opened his mouth but Illia spoke first, “I warned you yesterday, I am not like the others you’ve worked with before.  I am here for a very specific reason.  Something that you are not even capable of understanding yet.  But we will get there in time.”

Illia paused and moved dangerously close to him.  It wasn’t her proximity to him that bothered him, it was the breath he felt, warm against his neck that sent chills down his spine and froze him in place.  No ghost, spirit, or otherwise, should ever have a warm breath.  “Just understand one thing Roman,” Illia said, just above a whisper, “I am here for your story, as much as you are for mine.”

“So anyways let me tell you about this great place I went to get food the other day!  I think it would make the most interesting story for you!”   Illia said, back in her spot across the table, a smile spread across her face.

He swallowed, he could still see the fire burning in her eyes.  Roman was afraid of her.


If Only

By: J West

Peter flinched as the door to his apartment banged open behind him.  He didn’t have to turn around to know that his friend David was standing there.

“Are you ever planning on telling me your secret?” he huffed.  Peter took his time answering, wanting to sound as acidic as possible.

“Not really.”

“It’s pretty selfish of you, you know,” David spat, walking toward where Peter was standing.  “I thought that you of all people would understand that keeping your friends in the dark usually gets everyone killed.”  

Peter kept his back turned and his face hidden.  What happened to Tara was not your fault.  You tried to save her, he thought, but the image of his dead girlfriend still appeared in his mind with a sickening jolt.

“Keeping this secret keeps you safe from Mastermind.  You know that.  If I told you what I knew, he could weasel the information out of you.  He’d find out that I told you everything I discovered when I was helping Shadowman and Grimspeak.  And then he’d kill you.  Don’t you understand that?”

“Well, last night, I almost fell to my death because Shadowman couldn’t save both me and Tara from being cast off that roof by Mastermind.  He had to choose which of us to save since Grimspeak wasn’t around to help him.  And he picked Tara, but didn’t make it in time.  I was sure I was going to die as a human pancake on Sixth Avenue.”

“I am aware, I saw the news,” Peter said with a dark, humorless smile.  He was trying to stay as stoic as possible, although the thought of his friend lying dead terrified him more than anything.

“Do you know how I survived?”

There was a pause.

“Of course you don’t.”

“Tell me.”

“Not unless you tell me your secret.  One for one.  Otherwise I walk right out that door.  We need each other to defeat Mastermind, and you know that, Peter.  I need to know what you know.  And you…well…you need my skills.”

Peter frowned.  What skills?

There was a thick silence as he weighed his options.  He’d always known his secret would come out eventually, and he was fairly sure that David wouldn’t take it well.  But he was too curious to turn down the offer to hear his friend’s confession.

“Fine.”  Peter turned around.  “But you’re going to hate me.”

“No, I won’t.”

“Just…don’t freak out, okay?”

David said nothing, but spread his arms.  Go on.

“I’m Shadowman,” Peter said, sighing heavily.  As proof, he raised his hand and conjured a black smoke that spun effortlessly up from his palm.  David’s eyes widened, but Peter started talking again, rushing to tell the whole story.  “I’ve been working with Grimspeak ever since the accident gave me my powers.  I’ve been trying to save people and stop Mastermind from taking over the city.  As you know, defeating him solely as Peter Davies the Corporate Bigwig isn’t really working very well.”

He expecting David to have a shocked or angry expression on his face.  But his friend was…smiling.

“I should have known.”


“Well, if that’s your secret, it makes me feel far better about telling you mine…”

“Just tell me already!”

I’m Grimspeak.”

Peter was nonplussed.  “Seriously?”

David nodded, looking amused.  “Luckily, I could defy gravity long enough to stop my fall last night.”

Peter paused for a moment, then laughed.  “You know, we probably should have figured this out a long time ago.  If we’d worked together and shared our secrets, Tara might not have slipped through my fingers…and you wouldn’t have had to save yourself last night.  We could have been so much stronger together.”

“If only we’d taken off our masks.”

“If only.”



By: Amber Hill

“How are you feeling?”

“Did he tell you to ask? Or do you really care?” I take the glass of water Nas offers me and sip at it gingerly. My throat burns, and I ignore the tinge of red underneath my fingernails.

“The Lord lives and breathes by you,” Nas says, wiping at the corner of her mouth. I suppose she’s just finished a succulent meal as well.

“Does he, now?” I glare up at her, and I know my gaze continues to startle her. If the pure, animal ferocity behind it wasn’t enough, my eyes’ silver, mirror-like quality regularly renders her speechless. She generally avoids eye contact for that reason alone.

“You are his finest creation,” she says, and scratches at something just above her ear. She is watching the glass instead of me.

“I am his finest vessel.” I cock my head at her slightly, reading her dull expression. “I’ve less right to this body than he does. I – this-” I twist my hand at her, showing her the blood in the cracks of my palm “- does not belong to him.”

She swallows deeply. “You’ll excuse me.” She bows her head slightly, and turns to leave the room.

I reach out gently with my mind – it doesn’t take much with her frail figure – and she rocks to a stop, arms pinned to her sides.

“You’ll wait for me to excuse you,” I say over the rim of my glass. I feel my presence roiling through her blood, rooting itself in her deepest veins. The pulse of her heart feels all around me, and yet very far away. I could crush her from the inside out.

She nods, and I relinquish her. “Send for Caster,” I say, without looking at her again. I don’t have to watch to make sure she does as is commanded. She leaves the room in a hurry, and beside the door I catch a glance at my reflection.

I lick the blood away from my lips, halfheartedly.


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Image source: http://igottadowhat.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/065db80.jpg


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